Currently in Chrysalis

One Becoming One, a private self-supporting spiritual ministry, was born from a vision on March 3, 2011. Having been in Emergency and Fire Services for over 20 years, having supported at Ground Zero, and having spent many years as a 9/11 Activist, Erik Lawyer knew how intense the dark times could feel. He also knew how sometimes the only thing that keeps us going is knowing we are not alone because we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.


In the vision, the 9/11 Wars in response to the 9/11 Attacks were a demonstration of the destructive power of a united humanity (a Death Star). Then he saw a LifeStar (a structure supporting unified systems and radically responsible culture) where humanity had the ability to unite and focus its LASER (Love, Action, Solutions, Energy and Resources) for the healing and thriving of people and the planet.


He became curious as to how the unified systems, culture and trainings used in the military and Fire Service that he knew so well could be adapted to help organize people and organizations committed to healing people and the planet.

Out of this vision, first came a 3-day global event on the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks.  In just 3 short months an extraordinary team came together to produce One The Event, and their focus was about Making the Shift from Fear to Love in support of healing the collective 9/11 Wound.  


Following their hearts, several members of the core team continued working together for years in support of something greater than themselves.  


Over the last 2 years, while continuing the support of partner organizations, there has also been a focus on doing the personal and organizational inner-work needed to manifest the LifeStar Vision.


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