About 1BODY

The 1BODY Initiative represents a convergence of visions, organizations, and individuals. Catalyzed in support of Birth 2012 and reignited for the 2014 International Day of Peace, the intention of the 1BODy Initiative is to amplify a “Breadth Of Depth” (BODy), increasing collective heart resonance so we may function as a more coordinated whole, as one body. 1BODY is inclusive of all skilled practitioners of subtle activism and changemaker networks and organizations working for a more Peaceful, Joyful and Regenerative World.

Integrated Visions:

The integrated visions include a global network of nodes that will have the capacity to:

  1. Practice and increase resonance as one global, regional, or local body

  2. Coordinate and synchronize unified actions and events

  3. Alert, Activate and Respond with prayer/loving energy to disasters, violence, and medical crisis


New Systems:

The 1BODy Initiative is using the LifeSTAR System to deliver its text and email synchronized meditation reminders .

The LifeSTAR System is a systematic tool used to deliver messages in support of disaster response, synchronized events, and/or unified actions. It consists of shared but decentralized practices, platforms, and protocols. It is currently being developed in partnership with the 1BODY Initiative.